Web Design

Need a website or looking to revamp your existing site?

Our web development and web design services ensures all our websites are fully responsive and search engine friendly to help your site get started on the right foot and your site reflects your brand.

What can you expect when you pick Fifteen IT for your web design?

  1. From the very start of the project, we believe communication is key. In the first meeting we work to gain an understanding about your company any what you are trying to portray through your website, who your audience is, and what you like (or don’t) when it comes to websites.
  2. Next, it’s to the drawing board to come up with some ideas as to what direction the site should take.
  3. We then go away and start the initial construction of the website, incorporating a CMS (content management system) to allow you to make changes yourself once the site has been completed.
  4. As we reach the end of the first phase and we’re happy that the site has the main functions of the site are operational, we like to sit down, give an overview and gather feedback.
  5. Again, we return to the office and carry on based on the feedback given and work to complete the rest of the site.
  6. Once we’re all happy that the site is ready to launch, we get the green light and push the launch button!

But the work doesn’t stop there!

If you would like to update your website yourself, we can offer training depending on your requirements. If you prefer not to update the website yourself, it’s something we can help with as part of an ongoing maintenance/SEO package.